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The Importance of Dietary Fibre – The Secret to a Healthy Immune System.

You may have heard that fibre is great for you, but did you know that not all fibre is the same? There are 2 main categories of dietary fibre: soluble and also insoluble. Within each category, there are various kinds. Beta glucan is one type of soluble nutritional fibre that’s strongly connected to improving cholesterol levels and boosting heart health and wellness. The insoluble type that helps gut transit, includes vegetables such as cauliflower, wheat bran, nuts and beans.

Beta-glucans – An Overview

Beta-glucan is a soluble fibre found naturall grains, yeast, as well as certain mushrooms and it is also sold as a supplement. A polysaccharide big molecule made up of numerous sugar molecules beta-glucan might provide a number of health and wellness advantages, consisting of lowering cholesterol, enhancing blood sugar levels, and boosting the immune system.


You can discover it in wholegrains, oats, bran, wheat, and barley. Baker’s yeast and also some kinds of fungi, such as maitake and reishi mushrooms. We obtain nutritional fibre from the plant-based foods we eat. Soluble fibres, like beta glucan, liquify partially in water.

Many foods have both kinds of fibre, yet the quantities can differ. There is likewise various soluble as well as insoluble fibre. Fibre sustains health by assisting your body to minimize cholesterol as well as the control of blood sugar levels. It also aids with bowel irregularity and digestive tract issues, and a healthy gut bacteria. All this helps with weight control as an added benefit.

Too little Dietary Fibre in the Modern Diet.

Everyone should up their dietary intake of fibre should be between 25 and 30g a day.  Teenagers may require 30 to 35 g a day. There’s strong evidence that beta glucan can improve heart health and wellness. Foods that have high quantities of beta glucan, based on this proof are accepted as being healthy for the heart.

One research study discovered that eating oats with a minimum of 3 g of beta glucan daily decreased bad cholesterol (LDL) levels between 5% and 7%. Much is being made of the potential for higher levels of fibre which may help in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. It might also improve blood sugar level control for those that already have diabetes mellitus. Scientists think that beta glucan might have some favorable results on the body’s immune system.

Cholesterol Lowering Properties of Beta Glucans

A 2014 meta-analysis concentrated on research studies that consisted of at least 3 grams of beta-glucan every day minimized overall cholesterol and also LDL cholesterol, however did not effect HDL cholesterol or triglycerides which is really good for boosting the immune system.

Initial studies show that beta-glucan may activate a number of cells as well as healthy proteins that combat cancer cells (such as T-cells and also natural macrophage cells). What’s more, examinations on animals have revealed that beta-glucan may hinder the spread of cancer cells.

Studies looking at Beta Glucans and Cancer

A 2012 research study released in the journal Surgery Today reveals that Japan approved a mushroom-derived beta glucan for use with radiation treatment to treat gastric cancer as well as intestinal cancer, and to prolong remission amongst patients with small-cell lung cancer.

In Japan, extracts consisting of numerous kinds of Beta glucan have been utilised to effectively assist in dealing with cancer cells patients for the last twenty years. See Aoki, T. Phase 4, Lentinan.

One research study showed a beta glucan essence reduced lumps in more than 60% of individuals with lung, liver and breast tumors, research continues in this field showing some very promising results.

Beta Glucans and the Immune System

Beta-glucan is a soluble fibre discovered primarily in grain grains like oats, barley, as well as wheat. It is additionally in baker’s yeast and also certain fungis like maitake, shiitake, and reishi mushrooms.

It helps your body make more starter cells in the bone marrow, which speeds up the production of new immune cells. These cells then quickly move into the bloodstream and various immune organs throughout your body. This is important not only in normal situations, where having more immune cells means better protection against potential threats but especially in times of intense stress, like during cancer. In conditions where the immune system is weakened, like during fatigue or treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, it becomes even more crucial to boost the immune system.

Along with the currently pointed out certain stimulation of cell surface area receptors, beta glucan is able to non specifically trigger of the body immune system by means of the release of biologically vital molecules. Upon entering the blood stream, beta glucan triggers different cells of the body to release many organic factors and signals particles recognized to influence our defensive systems.

Immunoactive Effects of Beta Glucans

These effects are widespread, meaning that even when glucan is applied to a specific area, its immune-boosting molecules can influence the entire immune system throughout the body. Besides directly affecting cancer cells, the creation and release of these signals also have a direct impact on macrophages and T lymphocytes, which are important for producing other immune system messengers called cytokines.

Initial studies on the effects of b1,3-glucan on the immune system focused on mice. Subsequent research studies demonstrated that b1,3-glucan has strong immunostimulating activity in wide range of various other species, including earthworms, shrimps, fish, chicken, rats, bunnies, guinea pigs, sheep, pigs, livestock and also human beings. Based upon these outcomes it has been concluded that b1,3-glucan stands for a sort of immunostimulant that is energetic throughout the transformative range, likely representing an evolutionarily saved inherent immune response routed against fungal virus.

How Much Beta Glucan do You need?

There is no basic dosage for beta-glucan. Research has actually shown different levels to be efficient as well as it differs based upon the source of beta-glucan. As an example, beta-glucans made from yeast may decrease cholesterol at 7. 5 grams of beta-glucans taken two times daily for 7 to 8 weeks, while beta-glucans made from barley or oat have been shown reliable at degrees in between 3 gram to 10 grams daily for as much as 12 weeks.

Lots of beta-glucan supplements resource their beta-glucan from compounds like baker’s yeast. Others consist of medicinal mushrooms like shiitake as well as maitake (both located to be rich in beta-glucan). While research study on the wellness effects of medical mushroom supplements is rather limited, a number of research studies suggest that they can help enhance immunity.

Are You Getting Enough?

The modern diet does not provide enough fibre; the recommended amount is 30 grams a day for adults and between 15 and 25 grams in children depending on age. The NHS reprts that adults get about 20 grams and older children up to 16 just 16 grams. It may not seem like a great defficiency but over time the lack of sufficient fibre impacts the balance and effectiveness of the gut, leading to gut dysbiosis and lowering of the immune system (I’ll cover how important the gut is for the immune system in another post). So the choice is to add a supplement or to add a lot more into your own diet. Just to put this in context using brocolli as an example of a fibre rich food, you would have to consume 1.77 kg of it to get the recommended daily allowance!

So, change your diet or add a supplement?

So, adding more fibre and beta glucan rich foods can take care of your needs, but we all know how hard it is to shift a diet to new choices, and quite simply adding a well formulated supplement is a great bio hack solution to the deficiency. The research shows extremely positive effects from adding beta glucans, especially as the averge person simply does not get enough, so for me it was a safe bet to add them to my diet.

Supplements don’t routinely get tested for safety because they are considered to be food in most cases. As you know I am aligned with Zinzino, which I personally checked out, and consequently I have no fear in recommending their products for effectiveness and quality. I personally take the products I recommend, and I have built a business on recommending them to people who tend to remain on the product. In the case of beta glucans there are 2 products that contain them, the first ZinoBiotic is a dietary fibre supplement that is clevelry designed to work throught the entirety f your gut to improve function and the second is Protect which is classified as an immune system support product which is a testament to the immune system boosting properties of beta glucans.

Please note if you have an existing health condition you should check with your primary care provider before adding any form of supplementation, especially for pregnant women, nursing mums and children.