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You have been invited as one of the chosen few to become a FOUNDER in this exciting phase.

We all know that technology is changing the face of healthcare and now you have the opportunity to take advantage of First Mover benefits that are only NOW available to you in the European Pre-Launch phase of this 7 Year old publicly quoted company.

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NOW, Only 12 out of 15 Positions Available.

Exclusive single package for all markets;

*  Initial Launch markets: Germany, Austria, UK and Italy
*  Promotional Founder’s Packages Just €990 including tax – add shipping
*  Additional 25% on existing commissions, plus special extra bonuses.
*  Pipeline of UNIQUE new products to be released in the Pre-Launch phase.
*  Exclusive lead generation and promotion programme to kick start your efforts
*  One on one personal training.

Reserve Your Founder’s Position  Now- We have Only 15 Positions Available

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