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You have been invited to become a FOUNDER in this exciting phase of the development of Vyvo – a seven year old, quoted US company that has developed technology to change the world now officially launching in Europe this year.

We’re partnering with entrepreneurs like you who want thave their own business or create some extra income. We’ve chosen to work alongside Vyvo’s ground breaking technology, which is changing the way people can manage their wellness.

Founder Benefits:
Up until 15th April 2019 you have the chance to partner alongside us and gain access to benefits only being offered to people who partner with us between now and then. These Founder benefits are explained in the business presentation video below.

Vyvo is just launching the world’s first ever, non invasive blood sugar monitoring device, the Vyvo Extense,  alongside a unique concept in wellness management combining DNA analysis, lifestyle measurement and electronic measurement of your life signs – called, VYVO SMART!

If you are like us then you would like to stay healthy into old age, Vyvo Smart offers the first way, ever, to personalise your nutrition continually through the unique Vyvo Smart concept dedicated to prevention rather than cure.

This video explains more (it might take a little time to load if you are on your phone).

If you know anyone with diabetes or metabolic syndrome they will want to know about Vyvo Extense.

Around 420 million people around the world suffer from Diabetes,  a shocking figure rising year on year and expected to hit over 600 million by 2035. High and low blood sugar levels are potential killers for diabetes sufferers. The Vyvo Extense offers a new and ground breaking way for this group to manage diabetes more effectively.

Managing blood sugar levels currently involves expensive and painful blood tests up to 10 or 12 times a day for type 1 diabetics. Measurement with the Vyvo Extense is painless and can be done at any time, literally hundreds of times a day if desired.

Many thousands of hours in development the Vyvo Extense is now in this launch phase. To say Vyvo Extense is a game changer is an understatement, quite simply it will revolutionise the lives of millions of people.

This launch phase presents you with an opportunity to partner with us and Vyvo, to bring these ground breaking products to market and seriously help a lot of people to transform the way they can lead their life.

We’re still in pre-launch and we have customers queuing up to buy a Vyvo Extense.

We all know that technology is changing the face of healthcare and now you have the opportunity to take advantage of First Mover benefits that are only NOW available to you in this European Pre-Launch phase.

We help, coach, train and mentor our partners to create organisations of their own, so if you have the desire to change your current circumstances and are willing to work with us we’d like to talk with you.

Take Action Now!  What Follows this Ends on 15th April 2019

This is a unique moment in time; The world of personalised wellness management and nutrition has arrived. Vyvo has created an environment in which you can thrive financially and in your fitness and health. This short video presentation explains enough to help you decide if you want to know more.

Exclusive single package for all markets;

*  Initial Launch markets: Germany, Austria, UK and Italy
*  Promotional Founder’s Packages Just €999 including tax – add shipping
*  Up to an additional 25% on existing commissions, plus special extra bonuses.
*  Pipeline of UNIQUE new products to be released in the Pre-Launch phase.
*  Exclusive lead generation and promotion programme to kick start your efforts
*  Your own web site
*  One on one personal training.

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