Hi I’m Sue,

I am passionate about personal health and helping people to make simple changes to diet and lifestyle that can profoundly impact on well being. I have been involved in this market space for a long time, well over 30 years, and I thought I was doing many of the right things, until 21st December 2017, which was my grandson’s birthday.

A Heart Attack – Not the best present in the world.

A rapid blues and twos journey to St Bart’s in the early hours of the morning to have an operation. I woke up with 3 stents, and a bag of 7 different drugs the consultant told me I would be on for life. This singular event was a wake up call that set me on a path to coming off the drugs!
I achieved that after much research, questioning, and eventually the guidance of one remarkable man, more about him later. Simple changes with a huge impact!

Searching for Answers

Initially I was overwhelmed by the sheer scale of information, its confusing nature, misinformation, disinformation and the clickbait of traffic seekers pedalling conspiracy theories and crackpot solutions, from magic bullets to elixir.
After about eighteen months I began to make some inroads and a few key things began to become clear. One simple dietary requirement, in particular, came to the fore more and more. Essential Fatty Acids; those fats that must be obtained through diet. I was, and had been for decades, a fish oil supplement user, taking one I thought was good, certainly an expensive one, so, I thought I was unlikely to be deficient. This belief made me almost dismissive of the likelihood I might be deficient in any way, and therefore it couldn’t be a factor in my heart attack.
How wrong I was!
What led me to essential fatty acids (EFAs) was my research on their impact on heart health. There turned out to be masses of research, 2.25m answers on Google Scholar alone, emphasising their importance and the crucial impact they have on every single cell in the body. On a broader note the scale of that importance began to become very clear, looking into their impact began to excite me about the possibility of finding a way to get off the drugs.

My First Encounter with Test Based Nutrition

The entrance to the path was a meeting with a friend who asked me if I knew whether the Fish Oil based Omega 3 I was taking was working or not. Great question! Of course, I didn’t know, so I took a test, which you can find more about here. This led me to Zinzino Balance Oil and a whole world of science and test based nutrition.

I should add at this point that I became a partner with Zinzino because of the impact their products have had on me, and the hundreds of people I have helped to access them.

Horrifying results!

Back to my story, I had no idea there was a test. I got my results, and to my horror realised I was so deficient that not only was heart disease a risk, so were many other non communicable diseases, such as Diabetes, Arthritis and others. Even more galling was the ineffectiveness of the pure fish oil supplement I had been taking for decades, and the literal waste of money. If you are taking a pure fish oil supplement there is a 97% chance you are so out of balance, your risk is as high as mine was. Over 1 million tests have been carried out and they clearly show how deficient the modern diet has become in providing adequate Omega 3. We have all been sleepwalking into a life of chronic inflammation and disease risk! There is a simple and powerful solution in the Balance Oil.

The Knight in Shining Armour

Back to the remarkable man I met who gave me the confidence to come off all my medication and follow a more natural route to better health. Dr Paul Clayton PhD clinical pharmacologist and pharmaco-nutritionist. He obsesses about food, nutrition and health so that we don’t have to. After discussing with him about my own health challenges and my desire to reduce and eventually stop having to take medication, he gave me a preferred regimen of supplementation that he along with another remarkable man formulated. I was happy to follow his guidance and when I retested after 90 days, there had been such marked improvement on all my health markers that I gradually reduced my medication under supervision*. For those of you interested in finding out more about Dr Paul Clayton you can visit his blog HERE.

Simple Additions – Life Changing Results

Such simple changes in my diet and supplementation had very positive responses. My BP had reduced to an acceptable level (125/70) which meant I was able to gradually reduce, and then come off my medication after a further 40 days. I do still take a low dose aspirin if I am traveling by air frequently, but my health is such that I don’t need to take anything on a permanent basis. My cognitive health has improved greatly, more clarity of thinking and quicker reaction times. I guess we forget that our brains are about 64% Fatty Acids and if we aren’t consuming them in our diets then we need to supplement to ensure good cognitive health.

A Clean Bill of Heart Health

Fast forward 4 years and my health is better than it has been for years, I rarely have colds of any sort. I feel that I made a decision in 2019 that enabled me to take control of my own personal health and I look back in gratitude to Dr Paul for being part of that process. A recent visit to the hospital for an unrelated problem cleared my heart health after 3 separate ECGs (EKG for our American friends) because the Doctor didn’t think the results could be right because of the heart attack. A full blood analysis underlined the ECG results. All clear, I am happy to say.

Layering Supplements to Support the Foundation of my Health; EFAs, Gut Microbiome and Immune System Support

My preferred regimen for supplementation is what Dr Paul recommended; the Health Protocol which I have consistently taken daily for almost 5 years now. It’s simple changes like this to our cellular health, our gut health and our innate immune system that make a world of difference. All for less than a cup of coffee a day. I looked long and hard at what Dr Paul Clayton and his colleagues were saying about health and how to hack my everyday diet to make sure that the key nutrients were obtained without having to adopt some weird regime or obtain rare and unusual foods that cost a fortune. My lifestyle was like most other people, busy and erratic in all aspects, so to nourish properly, as was proved by my heart attack, was somewhat hit and miss. I am declaring an interest now, I became a partner with Zinzino because the products totally transformed my life. If you’d like to know more connect with me directly here.

Thanks for visiting my site ~ Sue

* Disclaimer – These products are not designed to diagnose or treat any medical conditions and this is my personal testimony and journey. Please do always consult with your chosen health practitioner.