Vyvo Smart – Supplements for Your DNA Profile

Probably the Most Important Development in Health Care Since the Discovery of Penicillin

Personalised supplements for your DNA profile

DNA was discovered in the 1950’s. In itself this was a Nobel Prize winning discovery, but for many years no one really knew how to make use of this understanding. The scale of the task in understanding what each person’s DNA meant was thought to be too big to be useful for many years. The Human Genome, or the Map of Human DNA was thought to be out of reach. In 2012 the first map was produced leading to an explosion in understanding and a massive increase in excitement about the possibilities this understanding brings. Now, in just a few short years technology has moved on enough for all of us to understand more about who we are and what our Genes promise for us as we live life.

Mapping the human genome has given the chance for everyone to benefit by having their personal DNA profile analysed. Out of this profile comes the potential to predict health risks at an individual level. Knowing what the risks are means we can take control of what we do, what we eat and drink, how we exercise and what nutrition we need to focus upon to stay healthy.

Imagine a longer healthier, fitter and more vital life because you have control over everything you do to make sure you stay fit and healthy into old age. That’s what Smart Life Solution offers you!

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