VYVO Extense – Non Invasive Blood Sugar Trend Monitoring

Vyvo Extense – Class 1 Medical Device

The Vyvo Extense – Non Invasive Blood Sugar Monitor  is a giant leap of imagination. Something that will revolutionise the way Diabetics and those at risk of it, can manage their health, every day. Blood sugar monitoring is a crucial part of disease management. It is expensive to do, painful, and an inconvenient necessity.  The Vyvo Extense is a discreet, simple to use Class 1 medical device designed to take away the pain of testing and to help manage drug usage.

No test strips and no blood needed!

Using an electronic device to monitor blood sugar takes away the need for test strips, needles, sterile wipes and ideally somewhere private to check your levels.  Testing this way may minimises the risk of hypo or hyper-glycaemia, because it is so much simpler to use and there is no limit on the amount of testing that can be done. So if you’re out for lunch wondering whether you could safely have a pudding, an instant test can be carried out without the paraphernalia of current test methods. Add to this the likely cost saving and better drug management and the Vyvo Extense is going to make life for millions of diabetics, easier, cheaper and more effective and discreet.

Add to the Extense the unique VYVO SMART based around your DNA and your world will change immeasurably for the better.

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